Doug Godley

Doug Godley

Doug Godley

Growing up in Charlotte, NC, brothers and best friends, Doug and Ken Godley spent summer vacations with their family in Myrtle Beach, SC. Racing go karts and playing miniature golf was always a highlight of their summer.

After graduating from college, Doug and Ken got their real estate licenses and started D & K Realty in Charlotte, NC. They spent time working with and learning from their grandfather, Chick Godley. Inspired by their fun memories of summer days in Myrtle Beach, Doug and Ken had the idea for a family entertainment park. Chick being an entrepreneur himself, supported and encouraged Doug and Ken’s dream.

They dove into their first development project by spearheading the design, financing and construction of Frankie’s Fun Park in North Charleston, SC, which opened in July, 1990. Doug and Ken’s partners in this first Frankie’s venture was their father, Jimmy Godley, and their two uncles, Frankie and Johnny Godley.

When Doug and Ken were considering the myriad of possibilities to name the park, they choose Frankie’s in honor of their Uncle Frankie. Their Dad’s brother, Frankie, fought in the Vietnam War. He is a very sweet and kind man. They liked the sound of Frankie’s and they were extremely proud to name the new park after their Uncle.

Four years later in 1994, they cut the ribbon on Frankie’s of Columbia. Frankie’s of Greenville, SC opened in 1999. The fourth location opened in Raleigh, NC in 2005. Doug became the sole owner of Frankie’s in 2017. The fifth Frankie’s location opened in Charlotte, NC in 2018. Frankie’s of Atlanta will open in 2026.

After 34 years of operating the Frankie’s parks, Doug is most proud of the Frankie’s Team members who have been such an integral part of the creation and molding of the Frankie’s entertainment business. Jason Buckley is the COO of Frankie’s. Jason started working at Frankie’s of Columbia in July of 1998 when he was a student at the University of SC. Janis Bernardin, Human Resource Director at Frankie’s, started to work at Frankie’s in September, 1997. Stuart Wallace, CFO at Frankie’s, started in August, 2012.

The following Managers have been with Frankie’s for 17 years or more:

Jaime Waddell, GM of Frankie’s of Greenville, started in August, 1999.  Mike Boyd, GM of Frankie’s of Columbia, started March, 2004.  Ashley Stewart, Park Manager, started in May, 1994.  Pam Burkett, Park Manager, started in August, 1994.  Bob Morey, Park Manager, started in February, 2003. David Cunningham, Landscape Manager, started in September, 1996.  Sean Smith, Raleigh Operations Manager, started in August, 2005.  Jason Printzenhoff, Charlotte Operations Manager, started in August, 2005.  Jorge Gonzalez, Maintenance Manager, started in July, 2005.  Luciano Garcia, Kitchen Manager, started in March, 2007.  Jason Dix, Facility Manager, started in May, 2001.  Joshua Wilson, Track Manager, started in September, 2005.  Shawn Hetzel, Arcade Director, started in April, 2003.