Charlotte Attractions

Find our list of attractions with prices below.

Mini Golf | $10

Who doesn’t love a great round of Mini Golf? Our three Mini Golf courses, with 54 unique holes, will have you coming back for more and more. Mini Golf is great for all ages and skill levels. Just remember it’s the low score that wins.

Kids 3 and under play for free with paid adult

Drifter | $10

Age requirement: 16 years old

Come test your driving skills on the Drifter. If you have never drifted a car before you will learn fast on this track. With seven 180° turns and banked corners there’s no track quite like the Drifter. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride.

Road Course | $9

Height requirement: 56”
Double Seaters need to be 16 years old with ID
Double Seater Passenger must be at least 36″

Come try out our longest and most popular track. The Road Course is a ¼ of a mile track designed to get your racing on. Consisting of Single and Double seater karts, the Road Course is good for all ages to enjoy.

Slick Track | $10

Age requirement: 16 years old

Want to see who the most skilled driver is in your group? Come on down to the Slick Track where drivers are forced to bunch together on our shortest track. Only the best drivers can handle the sharp turns on our slicked surface.

Bumper Cars | $7

Height requirement: 44”

Out with the old and in with the new. Bumper Cars has an exciting new twist. Black lights, music, mirrors, and blazing speed! These Bumper Cards are fun for kids and adults alike.  Powered by the floor with a zero turn radius these new Bumper Cars are bound to get your adrenaline pumping.


Black lit Bowling Lanes are a beauty to behold. It’s your turn to bowl a strike on one of our  24 lanes. Bowling is great for all ages and skill levels. Lanes are priced per hour and vary based on the time and day. Come be the first to bowl a perfect game!!!
Maximum of six bowlers per lane.


Bowling lanes are first come first serve


$35 Per hour MonDay-Thursday
$40 Per hour Friday-Sunday
Shoe Rental | $5.00

Disk’O | $8

Height requirement: 48”

The classic pirate ship now has a new look. While facing outwards from the center disk, riders will have to hold on to their stomachs while spinning and rocking up and down the 50 foot tall half pipe.

Swings | $7

Height requirement: 42”

Bring out your inner child with the Family Swings. While rotating 20 feet up in the air, the Swings take you back to a simpler time.

Tea Cups | $6

Height requirement: 36”

If you love to spin then Tea Cups are for you. Built for kids and adults alike, the Tea Cups are a magical ride that will have you spinning and laughing in no time. This is a great ride for all ages.

Hologate | $9

No Height Requirement

Are you looking to try something out of this world? Hologate is a virtual reality attraction that will bring you in to a new dimension.  Whether you are fighting off Zombies or defending your turf from the Simurai this attraction will feel as real as life. Assemble your best team of 4 to take down the big boss.

Discovery | $8

Height requirement: 48”

This ride will have you scared simply standing in line. Rotating on an 360° axis with horrifying moments of being paused upside down this ride will be sure to get your heart pumping.

Drop Zone | $7

Height requirement: 48” to ride alone, 44” – 48” can ride with an adult

If you need to find the Drop Zone just follow the screams. This inside drop tower ride continuously rotates you 360 degrees while raising you to the ceiling and dropping you 30 feet to the ground multiple times. Just make sure to keep your food down as your stomach goes up!

Laser Tag | $9

For ages 6 years of age and up

Strap in and Load up. Laser Tag is an intense battle of phasers in a two-level apocalypse themed world.  Teams and players enter the arena together however only one will leave victorious.

Hyperdeck | $9

Height requirement: 54”

Do you want to play a virtual reality game on sterolids? Hyperdeck mixes VR with wind, heat, and motion to simulate the experience of truly being in the game. This four player VR game is the newest VR game on the market. Be the first to try it!

XD Dark Ride | $8

Height requirement: 40”

The XD Dark Ride is an interactive 3D movie with intense motion and stunning special effects. Up to eight riders will compete against each other for the highest score.  Get your laser blasters ready to show the world what you are made of.


Prices Vary

If arcade games are your style then our arcade floor will blow you away with hundreds of arcade games to choose from, you will never run out of games to play. From basketball games to drivers to cranes games, if it is out there, we’ve got it in our state of the art arcade. Download a list of our games here!